På innsiden av Haitis helseutvikling

Studenter med Haiti

Treasure Island


We felt adventurous and had a day off, so we decided to visit a small island just off the coast of St. Louis du Sud. The voyage took place in a small old boat with a local haitian at the steer. Some of us doubted the safety of this boat and became rather stressed. We won`t mention names (hrmph, hrmph Mathilde hrmph hrmph). Despite this, we all arrived safely at the deserted island. The island was a bit tired after the hurricane a few months before, and the locals said that its previous beauty was lost, but despite this the island had a mystical aura around it.


While we walked to find a place to settle down, we had discovered that there was more to the island than palm trees and beaches. The island kept a secret history that we just had to reveal. It was said that a treasure beyond imagination was hidden in the island. After we found a beach to settle down at, some of us, Martine, Kevin and Martin, went out to look for the treasure. We felt like Robinsson expeditioners, so we left our shoes on the beach. That was a bad idea, because after walking three hours our feet was swollen and sore. Some of us had to limp and use a stick as support. Eventually we found an old fortress from the colonial time hidden deep in the jungle.

As we came closer to the fortresses walls, we were overwhelmed by the substantial size of the fortress. It stretched out as far as the eye could see in both directions. We climbed up the walls, but the sharp stones kept cutting our hands and feet. Because time itself had ruined pretty much all the roofing, it left us with a good overview of the fortress when we arrived at the top of the wall. We then tried to find a location we thought the treasure could be hidden. Martine discovered a hidden passage further down, which might lead us to the treasure. We climbed down with our bleeding hands and feet. When we placed our feet on the ground we heard a loud and dark roar coming from deep in the fortress. Someone or something must have heard us coming. Fast and heavy steps where coming closer and closer. We could not know the source of the sound, but we all feared the worst. We ran immediately in the other direction, around corners, up stairways and over passages. Our feet were acing, but the fear of what was enclosing made us run faster and faster. Suddenly we were standing in the end of a corridor. We were at a dead end, and the only way out was up to the top of the wall. We started climbing as we heard what could not be anything other than what we had feared all along come closer. The slowest of us, Kevin, had only reached to climb half a meter when the monster arrived. The teeth were sharp and the hooves where scraping in the ground. The goat roared as it tried to jump up and bite Kevin in the foot, but Kevin quickly pulled his foot upwards. As we came closer to the top, the goat realized it had lost the battle, but the fury in its eyes caused chills in our bodies. We walked along the wall for what felt like hours, but in reality was only half an hour, before we came to a stairway down. When we came down and rounded a corner, we discovered a beautiful and mystic oasis with high walls all around. We sat down to enjoy the special feeling the oasis gave us, before suddenly we heard rattling in the bush.

The sound was discrete, but clear. Kevin screamed and found a stick and he started waving about and hitting in the ground to try and scare away whatever was lurking in the bush. What he didn`t know was that the giant lizard which had made the sound, had moved discretely around us amongst the bushes, and was now standing behind us. The giant lizard was longer than all the three of us, and its claws was as long as fingers. The most striking thing about its appearance was the long and glittering blue tale, which let its rivals know how poisonous it was. Its tongue was purple and split in half at the tip, and it made a distinct sound when it put the tongue out and then pulled it in again to smell the fear of its prey. Kevin was occupied with restlessly and vigorously trying to scare away the thing in the bush which was not there anymore, while the rest of us quickly turned around as we heard the sound which the lizard behind us had just made with its tongue. Kevin realized that no one was making any sounds, so he turned around and immediately wet his pants as he met the giant lizards staring look. A big dark circle expanded around the crouch on his shorts. Martine screamed “RUN” and we all ran in the other direction. We ran through a dark corridor, turned right around a corner and then continued forward in the dark. We had no time to stop to hear how far away the lizard was, so we kept running as crazy. The ground under us was luckily soft, so our sore and beaten feet didn`t hurt as much as before. We started to see a glimpse of light in the end of the corridor, and increased the pace.

The palm trees were slowly moving in the wind and the waves were brutally murdered by the beach. The feeling of being free was overwhelming when we reached the end of the corridor. It felt like forever since we had started exploring the fortress, but nothing on the outside had changed as if what we had just experienced had never happened. The lizard had now reached the end of the corridor as well, but stopped in the opening and stared at us as if to tell us never to come back to its territory.

Exhausted and thirsty we went down to the nearest beach where the palm trees were small and plenty. Some coconuts were lying on the ground, and Martin picked one up and opened it by smashing it to a big rock. We all shared the sweet coconut milk and then we continued walking toward a ship wreck lying just outside the beach. Hungry for more adventure, we swam out to see more of the ship. We swam around it and when we came to the tip, Martine and Kevin noticed that lots of small fish were swimming around in a separate part of the tip just below the surface. When we looked down at the fish it felt very much like an aquarium you would have at home. Suddenly Martin noticed some bigger and more exotic fish with white and yellow stripes right beside us. Instead of swimming away from us, as every other fish in the “aquarium”, they swam around us and seemed curious about us. We decided it might be time to go back, so we started to swim around to the other side of the island, from where our journey had begun.


As we swam away from the ship wreck, we started noticing white and yellow spots moving around us in the water. We realized it was in fact the very same exotic fish we had met by the ship wreck. They followed us while we swam, and when we reached the beach where the others carelessly were tanning in the sun, we said goodbye to the friendly fish that had held us company. We walked over and joined the others at the beach. We found small eremites and small crabs and made sand castles. The sun was now falling over to the side, and the day on the beach was over. On the boat trip back to land we talked about all the things we had done on the island, and we realized that the big treasure we were looking for in the fortress was not important. The real treasure was indeed the amazing experiences and adventures we had had on Treasure Island.


NB: This is based on a true story.

Made by Martin, Martine and Kevin

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